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NAHT comments on Sutton Trust poll showing parents not confident about teaching children at home

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “Families are under enormous pressure currently, and it is no surprise to find that a large proportion do not feel confident about teaching their children at home. This is a completely unprecedented situation and one that everyone is having to adjust to quickly.

 Schools have faced enormous challenges as they have had to fundamentally transform how they operate in a matter of days. The first priority for any school has to be the safety and wellbeing of their pupils, especially those who are still attending school.

 As we move forward, schools will be beginning to identify ways to support pupils’ learning at home. This will require careful thought and there are a wide range of factors to consider, including differences in the availability of technology in homes and online safety. Schools will be acutely aware that each family is unique and not all parents will be able to offer the same levels of support.

 However, education has always required a strong partnership between schools and parents, this is now more true than ever.”

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