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NAHT comments on school closures in Northern Ireland

Following an announcement that all schools in Northern Ireland will close for pupils from Monday 23 March 2020, Helena Macormac, director of NAHT Northern Ireland, said: “NAHT Northern Ireland welcomes the announcement to close all schools. 

“Details of how we can support vulnerable children and children of key workers are yet to be finalised, but school leaders and teachers will want to be part of the Northern Ireland wide response. 

“Schools play a pivotal role as part of the social fabric of our communities, and we will work with the government to make sure the support systems are in place to ensure key workers can remain in work.” 

NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman stated: “School leaders have been under immense pressure in recent days and have worked tirelessly to support their staff, their pupils and their families.  As committed public servants, they will want to continue to play their part during these times of uncertainty.”

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