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NAHT comments on school business managers report from The Key

Commenting on a new report from The Key out today (Thursday 1 October 2020), looking at the work of school business managers or school business leaders during the coronavirus outbreak, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said:

“Throughout this crisis school business leaders have been the quiet heroes. In the face of immense challenges they have been crucial to helping to make sure schools can deliver all that has been asked of them.

“The stress of trying to find ways to make an already tight budget stretch that little bit further to meet the costs of making schools safe places cannot be underestimated. It’s such an important job and schools are being given so little help from the government.

“NAHT has long called for a national pay scale for school business leaders which brings them into alignment with other school leaders, recognising the value they bring to the system, and delivering parity and equity.”

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