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NAHT comments on SATs attainment gap

SATs results data this year shows that poorer pupils continue to lag behind their richer peers, as well as a widening gap between the sexes. Commenting, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are the victims of a decade of austerity. They have disproportionately suffered from funding cuts not just to education, but to all the wider services that should be there to help them. Successive governments have failed to invest in those who need it the most, and now we see the result – a sustained long-term gap over many years between disadvantaged pupils and pupils from more affluent families.

“However, we need to be very careful of reading too much into small year-on-year fluctuations in the results of single cohorts in single subjects. There is a long-standing gender gap when it comes to reading and writing, which is certainly a concern, and is something teachers are constantly attempting to tackle.”

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