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NAHT comments on Labour's plans to scrap SATs

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn's announcement at the National Education Union conference in Liverpool today that Labour would scrap SATs, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said:

"We welcome Labour's approach here. NAHT has long campaigned for less testing overall in primary. While it is important to measure a child's progress, this can be done through every day teacher assessment and classroom tests, rather than through high stakes national assessments.

"In reality, SATs do not tell teachers or parents anything they didn't already know about their child or school, but have the negative unintended consequences of distracting from teaching and learning and narrowing the focus of the curriculum. Fewer tests would leave more time and space for a broad range of subjects and activities in the school day so that children’s opportunities are not limited.

"NAHT's independent Assessment Commission and Improving School Accountability reports contain the principles and recommendations that should underpin any assessment system, and we would urge Labour to use these as a starting point when developing theirs."

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