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NAHT comments on KS2 SATs results

Commenting on the interim KS2 SATs results published today, Nick Brook, deputy general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said:

“Test and exam results are only part of the picture when judging a school’s performance or a pupil’s success. They do not reflect the full picture of the child strengths, their talents, or indeed their progress during primary school.

“SATs results and league tables provide nothing more than a snapshot of how children performed on a particular day, in a few short tests, in a limited number of subjects. We should therefore avoid celebrating too loudly or berating too strongly schools that rise or fall in their league table position as a result.

"NAHT has long campaigned for less national testing overall in primary schools. In reality, SATs tell teachers and parents little that they don’t already know about their child or school, but have the negative unintended consequences of distracting from teaching and learning and narrowing the focus of the curriculum. Fewer national tests would leave more time and space for a broad range of subjects and activities in the school day so that children’s opportunities are not limited.”

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