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NAHT comments on government announcement of funding for special school places

Commenting on the government’s announcement of £50 million to create additional school places for children with special education needs, Valentine Mulholland, Head of Policy for school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“School leaders are warning that the education of pupils with special education needs is at risk due to cuts to both school revenue funding and to the services supporting pupils’ needs in local authorities. The increasing struggle to support pupils with special education needs in a mainstream setting is leading to more and more pupils being educated in special schools.

“We welcome the provision of additional capital funding to create more specialist places in mainstream schools, as the educational and social benefits to inclusive education are well evidenced.

“But this must be matched with sufficient funding for schools and more investment in the health and social care services available to schools and families. Simply creating additional SEND places won’t help much if schools don’t have the funding and resources required to provide the right education and care.”

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