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NAHT comments on GCSE and A-Level grading

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “There is no easy or perfect solution when it comes to awarding grades in the absence of exams this year. What we have to do is find a solution that is best for this group of pupils and gives them the qualifications that they have worked so hard for.

“The plan we have seen today appears to be a sensible approach in the circumstances. Teachers, who know their students well, will draw on a wide range of sources when making their judgement about the grade a student would have achieved. This, along with other evidence, will be used to award students a grade they, and their teachers, should be able to have confidence in.

“The review and appeals system will be even more critical this year. Further thought needs to be given to how this will work, including the possibility for students to sit an exam next academic year. It is important that we ensure any approach does not inadvertently disadvantage any groups of pupils.

“It is a great shame that this year group won’t have the same experiences as those before and after them, but we are not working in an ideal world here. The DfE have come up with a reasonable solution given the crisis. NAHT will continue to work with them and Ofqual on the details of how this will work and to make sure concerns are raised and dealt with to the best of everyone’s ability.”

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