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NAHT comments on Education Select Committee inquiry report into apprenticeship quality

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said:

“Apprenticeships should be an easily available and high-quality alternative route to employment and qualifications. Unfortunately, the government’s efforts to ensure this have been a disaster for schools. Placing the responsibility of funding apprenticeships on schools has hit them incredibly hard – in fact it has been a key driver of the funding crisis, representing an additional 0.5% tax. 67% of school leaders surveyed by NAHT said the apprenticeship levy was one of the major factors causing financial pressure in their school.

“To add insult to injury, there are very few suitable apprenticeship routes for school staff, so schools are paying in but see very little benefit. The apprenticeship levy draw down system has been set up with such complicated bureaucracy that schools haven’t been able to access them, and we have seen apprenticeships in schools decrease rather than increase – the opposite consequence than intended. The apprenticeship system has been designed for HMRC, not for employers.”

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