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NAHT comments on early data from 2018 key stage two SATs

Today, the Department for Education has published a statistical first release containing data about key stage two attainment. The data confirms that schools are delivering sustained improvements despite cuts to budgets and severe shortages of teachers.

While direct comparisons with previous years are not possible because of the significant changes to the assessment of writing this year, schools should be congratulated on the overall rise in attainment.

NAHT secured significant changes to the teacher assessment of writing for this academic year, which has improved fairness for pupils whose abilities were not fully recognised under the old system. We're confident the increase in writing attainment reflects the fact that these children are now rightly assessed to be at the expected standard.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, comments: "Test and exam data are only part of the picture when judging a school's effectiveness or a pupil's performance. As they approach the end of primary, it's important all the skills and achievements of each child and their school's contribution is fully recognised. Parents understand this, and the government is beginning to understand it too.

"No single piece of data should ever be used to make a judgement about a school or child. We recommend that performance data should be looked at over a three-year period, and we have assurances from the secretary of state that data will be used more fairly from now on." 

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