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NAHT comments on PAC Academies Report

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT said: “It’s generally accepted now that the government’s reforms to the structure of the school system have created just as many problems as it has aimed to solve. Amongst other things, there’s a palpable lack of oversight on key issues and in important areas of the country.

“This report picks up on some of the key concerns created by the government’s rush to academise. Finding sufficient school places for our growing school population is becoming much harder because local authorities have the responsibility to oversee this but no control over academy admissions policies. It is clear that we need a new strategy to guarantee enough school places for every child, particularly in secondary schools.

“Many have questioned the validity of the government’s academy programme and they will continue to do so whilst the government demonstrates such a poor grasp of the realities of the system it has created. This does no favours for the dedicated leaders of academies, their staff and their pupils, all of whom are working hard, trying to make the best of it in real time whilst the government slowly catches up.

“The report also concurs with NAHT’s view that the arrangements for oversight of schools are fragmented and incoherent, leading to inefficiency for government and confusion for schools. NAHT’s Commission on Accountability has been established to consider an alternative approach to accountability and we hope that this PAC report will encourage government to heed its findings.

“Many academies are being successfully led by NAHT members. The question before us now is how we bring this mixed economy together for the greater good of the children in our care, no matter what type of school they attend.”

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