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NAHT comment on NFER report on support for vulnerable pupils and the children of keyworkers

James Bowen, Director of Policy at school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “It is worrying, but perhaps unsurprising, that vulnerable pupils have struggled the most over the last few months.

“We know that school leaders have been working incredibly hard to support these pupils. In the vast majority of cases this has meant keeping school open for vulnerable pupils throughout the crisis. We also know that 98% of schools have been using telephone calls to keep in touch with vulnerable pupils and/or their families at home. Furthermore, 99.7% of respondents to a recent survey told us that they were providing home learning resources for pupils not attending school.

“We fully support the NfER’s call for schools to have increased levels of external support. We agree that we now need to see a wide range of agencies working together to ensure that these vulnerable pupils get the help that they need in terms of their health, welfare and learning.”


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