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NAHT comment on election result

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said: "Now that the heat of the election campaign is over, we will encourage the government be full square behind education. It is a public service in crisis that needs support.

"NAHT, as the voice of school leaders, will continue to provide freely of its expertise to make this parliament a successful one for schools, for children and the communities they support.

"Under the previous Conservative administration, we have made progress on accountability and on reducing testing in the primary phase. We need to go further, and I believe we will.

"Where we feel that the Conservatives’ manifesto promises don’t go far enough, we will continue to encourage them to do more. Acting on child poverty must be a priority, for example. Where the government are planning to go too far – no-notice inspections, for instance – we will challenge them.

"Nothing is more important for the long-term success of the nation than the education we provide to our young people. Now is the time to shelve election rhetoric, listen to the profession, and establish the support that is needed and deliver it well."

At the start of the election campaign, NAHT set out five priorities for education. We will continue to encourage the Conservatives to put these priorities at the heart of their plans for the government

  1. A fully and fairly funded education system where the real-terms cuts since 2010 are reversed and there’s guaranteed long term investment.
  2. Great teachers and leaders in every class and every school with the support, development and reward to sustain a career in education.   
  3. Proportionate, reliable and fair inspection that schools and parents can have confidence in.
  4. A broad and balanced curriculum available to all pupils that gives children and young people different ways to show what they can do and properly prepares them for life.
  5. Timely and effective support from the services that children and families rely on so that all pupils get the help they need and achieve their potential.

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