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NAHT comment on Children’s Commissioner report on public spending on children in England since 2000

Today, the Children’s Commissioner’s office publishes a detailed look at spending levels per child since the turn of the century. The report shows that whilst school spending per pupil rose by about fifty per cent in real terms over the 2000s it has fallen back since 2015 to about the same level in real terms as in 2010.

Nick Brook, deputy general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: "This report confirms what NAHT has been saying for some time and the government really needs to own up to the fact that per pupil funding is falling in real terms.

“School and college funding is the issue that just won’t go away. There are too many parents, teachers, governors and school leaders pushing for more money for their children for the government to ignore these calls any longer.

“Schools and colleges are now using their own impossibly tight budgets to make up for cuts to children’s health and social care services and most young people are losing out in some way or another.

“As the report says, we are attempting to manage and contain crises in children’s lives after allowing them to escalate. This is a poor use of public money at a time when demand is rising, and investment has clearly stalled.

“We have to prioritise investment in early years education and early support for children and families before they reach crisis point. Otherwise the most disadvantaged children will pay the highest price, with uncertain chances of ever catching up.” 

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