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More funding needed for children’s services to ensure timely and efficient support for children in need, says NAHT

Commenting on the release today (Thursday 31 October 2019) of the latest statistics on the characteristics of children in need in England, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Schools play an incredibly important role in the safeguarding and support of children and young people. Regular day-to-day contact and the formation of key relationships mean that schools are uniquely placed to identify issues, refer concerns and promote the overall safety and welfare of their school population.

“But our members report that the capacity of children’s social care services is insufficient to support the children and families referred to them, particularly for early help which is vital to minimise the escalation of any risks to the child.

“Local authorities have faced an unprecedented surge in demand for children’s social care support over recent years. This demand, coupled with the huge financial pressures Local Authorities are under, means that the limited resources they have available are increasingly being taken up with the provision of urgent help for children and families already at crisis point. This is leaving very little to invest in early intervention.

“A school is most successful as a place of learning when it works within the context of high-quality social care, health and many other services who work together across boundaries to meet pupils’ needs. The government cannot ignore the funding and capacity pressures on all of those services. All children deserve timely, efficient and high-quality support when they need it.”

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