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Let’s end inequality once and for all, says NAHT

Today, the government publishes its ‘Unlocking Talent, Fulfilling Potential’ report, which echoes many of the points made by NAHT in recent years. 

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, which represents leaders in the majority of schools, welcomed the report, saying: “Right from the outset, schools try to show children that their dreams can come true. But, for too many, life can get in the way. Whilst we make every effort to make the biggest positive impact on all the children in our care, equality is still pretty far out of reach for too many young people.

“Rightly, schools are at the centre of the efforts that we make to narrow the gap. But they cannot do it alone. The issues that underpin inequality reach far beyond the school gates and exist throughout the communities that schools serve. A joined-up approach is what we’ve been calling for, and today’s strategy is a welcome step in that direction. 

“As NAHT has said many times, if we’re serious about solving the social mobility conundrum, we have to invest and prioritise education in the early years. This is where the most impact can be made. This is where the foundations for future success are laid.

“The Education Secretary speaks with an encouraging depth of understanding of the issues and a very open desire to put things right. That desire and understanding have always been present in our schools. We can end inequality once and for all. NAHT will continue to work with the government to make this a reality.”

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