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Johnson education funding pledge is not even close

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT said: “We welcome Mr Johnson’s decision to make education spending one of his top priorities, but his maths are off by quite a long way, so we’d urge him to sit down for a chat with us immediately so we can help him understand what’s really required.

“What schools and colleges need is an immediate multi-billion-pound emergency investment, plus a long-term commitment to education funding. By our calculations, £3billion of new money from the Treasury is needed right away to prevent any more of the damaging cuts to staffing, facilities and subjects that have been made.

“Mr Johnson’s pledge of £4.6bn extra funding for schools by 2022-23 is only about a third of what is actually needed over that period. Our calculations show that the figure is nearer to £12.6bn.

“Of course, there are many ways to calculate what this country should invest in education. Whatever sum the new Prime Minister settles upon, we must also see proper investment in health, social care, the police and the other services that schools and families rely on. Without this, schools will still have to raid their own budgets to make up for shortfalls elsewhere, defeating any ambition to fund schools sufficiently.

“Clearly, once the emergency funding has been secured, we must have a long-term approach to education funding, as we have seen in the NHS, so that schools and colleges can do their important work without the fear that the money will start to run out again.”

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