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‘Brexit dividend’ for schools ignores the fact that funds are urgently needed this year

Today the Prime Minister indicated that Brexit may allow for more spending on schools.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT said: “We welcome the fact that the tide is turning on school funding. The prime minster has today signalled that the Government agrees that our children’s futures are at stake. But waiting until we have left the EU to increase school funding is just too late.

“The children in the education system today are the generation that will ensure the United Kingdom is a success in a post-Brexit world. To fail to provide them with the education and support they need will short-change the nation in the long term. The real terms cuts in education funding since April 2015 have pushed school budgets to breaking point.”

NAHT’s latest survey of school leaders shows that only 8% of respondents said that they did not foresee a year where they would have an untenable deficit. We also found that:

·         71% are expecting to have to set a deficit budget in the next financial year

·         79% are expecting a deficit budget by the year 2019/20

·         These school leaders reported that they have already made significant budget savings to balance next year’s budget: 80% had made cuts to teaching assistant roles; 37% had cut teaching roles; 63% had cut the school maintenance budget and 84% had cut funding for school equipment.

The school system is experiencing real term cuts.

Mr Whiteman concluded: “There is a £2.8 billion shortfall in school funding. The UK’s children deserve better. We urgently need the government to fund schools now.”

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