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Additional funding welcome but Advanced Maths Premium could narrow curriculum at A-Level, say NAHT

The DfE has released details of the new Advanced Maths Premium that was announced in the Autumn Budget. £600 of extra funding will be awarded to schools for each pupil that takes a maths subject at A-Level.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, comments:

“Schools will welcome any additional funding as budgets are desperately close to breaking point. But the concern is that incentivising maths so strongly will lead to a narrower curriculum for pupils.

“It is important that a wide range of A-Level subjects remain available, including other STEM subjects as well as the arts and humanities, which have seen declining numbers in recent years.

“Maths is already the most popular subject at A-Level and the government has failed for many years now to meet its own recruitment targets for maths teachers. Schools already appreciate the value of mathematics – their biggest challenge is finding teachers qualified to teach it.

“Rather than cherry-picking individual subjects to fund, school leaders would ask the government to look urgently at school funding overall, and to concentrate on its key duty: providing sufficient money and teachers to schools, so that they can continue to provide an excellent, balanced, education for all.”

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