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Recent coverage

Guardian: ‘UK schools will not reopen straight after Easter, officials say’

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘Struggling schools can each claim up to £75,000 to help pay for meals’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: Heads seek ‘urgent clarification’ over staffing and free meals costs’

BBC: ‘Free school meal vouchers to continue over Easter holidays’

Independent: ‘Coronavirus: children eligible for free school meals to get supermarket vouchers over Easter’

Mirror: ‘U-Turn on free school meals means families will get extra supermarket vouchers’

Government/Education Business: ‘Free school meal vouchers to continue over Easter’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Anger at ‘broken’ meals voucher scheme’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: DfE's lack of pupil numbers cap criticised’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: Teacher recruitment ‘down 50 to 60 per cent’’

BBC Radio Foyle & Ulster: NAHT recommendation of new pay deal referenced

BBC News NI: ‘Teachers' pay dispute: Thousands offered to break deadlock’ ‘Voucher scheme launches for schools providing free school meals’ – NAHT quote included in DfE release

LBC News: James Bowen on free school meals vouchers

BBC: ‘Coronavirus: Free school meals children to get food vouchers’

ITV: ‘Coronavirus: Children on free school meals to get £15 weekly food voucher’

Newsround: ‘Coronavirus: Food vouchers to help kids on free school meals’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Free school meals vouchers available today’

Independent: ‘Coronavirus: free school meals – what are the supermarket vouchers and how do they work?’

Mirror: ‘Coronavirus: Parents won't get school meal supermarket vouchers for two weeks in April’

Express: ‘Coronavirus UK: Free school meals children to get food vouchers - where can they be spent?’

Huffington Post: ‘Gavin Williamson Under Fire Over Cuts To Free School Meals During Covid-19 Outbreak’

Many regional news sites, MP’s websites, business sites, school catering sites, welfare rights sites, etc: ‘Voucher scheme launches for free school meals’


Welfare Weekly: ‘Poor kids to be given food vouchers during coronavirus outbreak’

Press Association: ‘Schools to rank GCSE and A-level students to award grades amid cancelled exams’ / ‘Schools' grading plans revealed after A Levels and GCSEs are cancelled’

BBC: ‘Teachers to grade students for cancelled exams’

Guardian (print): ‘Ofqual lays out system for grading GCSEs and A-levels’

Guardian: ‘Exam regulator unveils GCSE and A-level plans for coronavirus crisis’

Daily Mail (print): ‘Teachers warned on exam marking’

Mail Online: ‘Teachers will submit 'carefully considered' GCSE and A-Level grades for their students after coronavirus cancelled exams but regulator Ofqual will use its own 'standardisation model' to stop over-generous marking’

Mail Online: ‘Students who want to appeal A-level grades predicted for them by their teachers could be forced to take a gap year before taking cancelled exams, watchdog warns’

Daily Telegraph (print): ‘A-level pupils may need gap year to improve on predicted grades’

Wales Online: ‘Students told how their GCSE and A Level results will be worked out’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Grades plan imperfect but fair, say heads’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: Schools will rank GCSE and A-level pupils within grades’

FE Week: ‘Coronavirus: Schools and colleges will rank GCSE and A-level pupils within grades’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: GCSE and A level grade 'rationing' fear’

Schools Week: ‘Set year 11s work on post-16 courses from June, sector leader urges’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: 'Refund our exam fees,' say heads’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: Heads demand ‘urgent’ clarification on exam fee rebates’

BBC West Midlands: NAHT figures quoted on number of children in school

Huffington Post: ‘The Other Frontline - Inside The Classrooms Still Operating Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic’

BBC NI: ‘Coronavirus: Volunteers requested to help NI schools stay open’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: AET to spend £2m on laptops as others call for tech donations’

Several regional Essex news sites: ‘Teacher's diary: School life as we had never seen it before’ & ‘Teacher's diary: Finding some light in the darkness of pandemic’

Irish News: ‘Teachers demand clarity on how to keep children and staff safe’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: Don’t monitor staff performance, and 6 other points from joint union guidance’

SecEd: ‘Home-schooling: Advice urges no more than three hours' work a day for pupils’

The Irish News: ‘Number of pupils attending schools falling daily’

Independent: ‘School IT systems struggle in shift to remote working’ / ‘Coronavirus: Outdated IT systems pushed to the limit by large-scale remote working, say schools’

i News: ‘Give poor families free tablets and laptops and unlimited data to boost home learning, say Teach First’

BBC Radio Kent: Simon Kidwell on to talk about home/virtual learning

TES: ‘Coronavirus: ‘We can’t home school the UK’s children’’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Stop staff performance checks, urge unions’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Could NASUWT conference really go ahead?’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Protect teachers with weeks off – not days’

SecEd: ‘Coronavirus: Worried, afraid, but our teaching heroes are not shirking from their public service duty’ – blog by Paul Whiteman

BBC Radio 4: NAHT call for safety guidance referenced

Evening Standard: Coronavirus live blog mention

The Irish News: ‘Call for clarity about effective safety measures in schools’

SecEd: ‘Government issues new social distancing advice for preventing coronavirus spread in schools’

Education Business: ‘DfE publishes clearer safety guidance for open schools’

Schools Week: ‘Coronavirus: Heads expect ‘better’ safety guidance’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Teachers unhappy with 'vague' DfE advice’

Education Business: ‘DfE publishes clearer safety guidance for open schools’

Telegraph: Coronavirus live blog ‘New school guidance expected tonight’

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘Further guidance to be issued to schools over ensuring safety’

Metro (print): ‘Move along pal’ (NAHT call for safety guidance referenced)

Independent (app): ‘Parents of free school meal children targeted by fraudsters’

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘Schools need guidance about safety during outbreak, say head teachers’

Daily Mirror: ‘’We must test for virus in classrooms’ union pleads’

Press Association: ‘Schools to be given advice on keeping staff and pupils healthy’


TES: ‘Coronavirus: Schools to be told how to keep staff safe’

Metro: Coronavirus live blog mention

Telegraph: Coronavirus live blog ‘New school guidance expected tonight’

Mirror: Coronavirus live blog mention

BBC: ‘Head's virus death and lockdown hit schools like 'bombshell'’

Telegraph: ‘Primary school headteacher dies days after testing positive for coronavirus’

Press Association: ‘Fewer school staff may be ‘willing or able’ to work, union warns’


Telegraph: ‘School staff may stop turning up to work unless they are given better safety advice, headteachers warn’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: Fewer teachers may risk work, warn heads’

Sun (print): ‘1 out of 5 still go in’

Daily Telegraph (print): ‘‘Fake’ key workers take children to school’

Metro (also in print): ‘It’s first day of schools shut’

Independent (app): ‘Parents heed warnings over sending children to school’

Guardian (print): ‘Fears for vulnerable children who failed to show up at schools’

Yorkshire Evening Post (print): ‘Number of pupils at schools now ‘manageable’’

EduCatering: ‘School kitchens to remain open’

Press Association: ‘Who are the key workers allowed to leave the house under the coronavirus lockdown?’


People Management: ‘Employers criticised for asking staff to work amid lockdown’

Daily Post Wales (print): ‘Schools leader: don’t confuse ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ with recklessness’

South Wales Argus: ‘Wales school leaders' plea as coronavirus shutdown begins’

Wales Online: Coronavirus live blog ‘School leaders in Wales urge parents to keep children at home’

ITV: ‘Education minister urges children to stay home and avoid friends to stop coronavirus’

Press Association: ‘Schools expect `challenging´ day despite coronavirus closures’


Express: ‘School closures: 'Overwhelmed' teachers crack down on parents lying about ‘key work’’

Press Association: ‘Warning to parents as schools prepare for difficult conversations’


BBC regional radio (hundreds of news bulletin mentions): ‘All schools in the UK officially closed from today because of the Coronavirus outbreak - teachers unions urging parents to send children to school today only if absolutely necessary. So children of key workers: medical staff, police officers, those involved in food distribution, they are still able to attend. The general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers Paul Whiteman made this plea to parents: “We are getting reports of an overwhelming demand for places. This was not the plan. The plan was always to care for the very few that have nowhere else to go, to help halt the spread of the virus. So my appeal to parents of these children is if you're a key worker and you can have your child looked after away from school please do.”’

Evening Standard (print): ‘Children of key workers told to stay at least two meters apart in schools’

Evening Standard: ‘Children of key workers told to stay at least two metres apart in schools’

Guardian (print): ‘Teaching unions tell firms: do not put profit first by milking key worker rules’

Daily Mail (print): ‘I.D. checks at the school gates’

Mail Online: ‘Monday morning chaos at the closed school gates: Teachers could demand parents show I.D. or payslips to prove they are key workers amid disputes over who is entitled to keep their children in class’

Telegraph (print): ‘Schools threatened with legal action after row over ‘key workers’’

The Times (print): ‘Be prompt and smart for online classes, pupils told’

Metro: ‘Schools on alert for parents ignoring first day of closures’

Evening Standard: ‘UK schools facing 'challenging' day as pupils expected to turn up despite coronavirus closures’

Education Business: ‘Parents urged not to send children to school’

Press Association: ‘Number of pupils arriving at schools ‘manageable’’


BBC: ‘Coronavirus: Parents heed calls not to send children to school’

Mail Online: ‘Nearly every UK school remains open but with only a fifth of pupils: Parents heed calls to keep children at home in battle against spread of coronavirus, reveals survey of 3,500 headteachers’

Independent: ‘Coronavirus: Parents listen to pleas to keep children at home but heads warn schools are running low on supplies’

i News: ‘Coronavirus in the UK: Parents heed warnings by keeping their children out of school’

TES: ‘Coronavirus: 'Manageable' pupil numbers in school today’

Mirror: ‘Coronavirus: 'Shambles' as children of key workers 'turned away from school gates'’

Press Association: ‘Call for clearer guidance for staff and pupils still in school’


BBC: ‘Which children are still going to school?’

SecEd: ‘Coronavirus: Key messages from latest DfE guidance for schools’

Yorkshire Live, Somerset Live, Birmingham Mail, Leeds Live, Nottingham Post,  : ‘Huge rise in parents fined for school absence in the UK’