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Recent coverage

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour: Anne Lyons interviewed on children’s mental health in schools

Sunday Times (print): ‘Heads to back lessons on climate protest’

BBC Radio Shropshire: climate change motion mentioned

BBC News: ‘Labour pledges to scrap primary Sats if elected’

Daily Mail (print): ‘Teachers chant Corbyn’s name as he vows to scrap SATs in primary schools’

Guardian: ‘Labour will scrap Sats and let teachers teach, vows Jeremy Corbyn’

Independent: ‘Sats would be abolished under Labour, says Corbyn’

Daily Mirror (also in print): ‘Corbyn to axe SATs for seven & 11-year-olds’

Daily Express (also in print): ‘Corbyn: We’ll end the ‘nightmare’ regime of primary school tests’

TES: ‘Corbyn says Labour would scrap Sats and Reception baseline test’

Schools Week: ‘Corbyn: Labour will scrap SATs’

Teacher Toolkit: ‘Do We Test Children Too Much?’

Private Eye (print): ‘School funding – Powys struggle’

FE News: ‘The outcry about the state of school and sixth form college funding continues’

Daily Mirror Northern Ireland (print): ‘670 pupils not in school care’

Belfast Telegraph (print): ‘Delays in psychological support for vulnerable pupils criticised’

BBC News: ‘Warning over 'unexplained' school moves’

Daily Mail (print): ‘1 in 12 pupils ‘vanish’ from school registers’

Independent: ‘Nearly 50,000 pupils left school without a reason’

The Week: ‘Off-rolling: how schools make pupils disappear’

TES: ‘55,000 ‘unexplained moves’ heighten ‘off-rolling’ concerns’

Press Association: ‘National Offer Day 2019: Families told of primary school places’

BBC Radio London: NAHT quoted on primary school places

BBC News: ‘Parents find out about primary school places’

Guardian: ‘Thousands of pupils set to miss out on first-choice primary school’

TES: ‘Fewer pupils may have got first-choice primary school place’

Families Online: ‘Primary school places are revealed to parents TODAY’

TES: ‘Reforms mean primaries 'unrecognisably' better, says Gibb’

ITV Central East & West: NAHT quoted on term time absence

Guardian (also in print): ‘Schools use fundraising sites to buy vital items’

Sun (print): ‘Sirs’ web kit pleas’

Education Executive: ‘1,000 schools turn to online donations due to funding cuts’

TES: ‘Government treats pupils with SEND like 'second-class citizens'’

SecEd: ‘A SEND crisis is unfolding...’

Wales Online: ‘Wales' Education Minister tells struggling schools: 'This is what austerity looks like'’

Wales Online: ‘Head teacher's devastating warning about our schools that every parent must read’

Wales Online: ‘First Minister at war with council leader over 'unfair' school funding’

Sunday Times (print): ‘‘Batty’ grammar test for primary pupils stumps star authors’

Sunday Times (print): ‘Mother warns teacher she will kill her son if he is gay’

Sunday Times: ‘The law that promotes teaching tolerance also protects religious freedom’ – blog by Paul Whiteman

BBC Radio 4: Birmingham meeting and NAHT mentioned on news in relation to LGBT+ protests

BBC News: ‘LGBT lesson row head teachers 'feel alone' and unsupported’

TalkRadio: ‘Damian Hinds: Parents should be consulted over LGBT lessons’

BBC West Midlands: NAHT’s position reported: “The head teachers' union the NAHT says... The law that permits a person to follow their chosen religion or hold a belief without being discriminated against is the same law that protects someone else's sexual orientation, or disability, or race. The law expects schools to help pupils understand that.”

BBC West Midlands Radio: Damian Hinds letter reported

Press Association (x118): ‘‘Consultation on relationships and sex education does not give parents veto’’

Sky News: ‘Parents cannot 'veto' sex education lessons, education secretary says’

BBC News: ‘LGBT lessons: Schools told they can choose what to teach’

The Times (also in print): ‘Head teachers, not parents, have final say on LGBT lessons’

Guardian (also in print): ‘Hinds steps in to support schools in battle over LGBT lessons’

Daily Telegraph (also in print): ‘Pupils cannot be vetoed out of LGBT lessons, Hinds tells heads’

Sun (also in print): ‘'DEATH THREAT' TO LGBT ROW SIR’

i News: ‘Teachers given security advice from police as parents protest against LGBT inclusive education intensifies’

Independent: ‘LGBT+ lessons: Hundreds of children could be withdrawn from Birmingham school over relationships education, protesters warn’

Independent: ‘Intimidation of teachers during protests against LGBT+ classes is ‘very concerning’, education secretary says’

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘'Parents have no right to veto parts of sex lessons'’

TES: ‘Heads' to be reminded of legal duty to teach LGBT people’

TES (in print): ‘The week in quotes’ – Damian Hinds letter to NAHT quoted, and Paul Whiteman comments on social media companies’ responsibilities

TES: ‘Hinds: Parents should have no veto over LGBT lessons’

Schools Week: ‘No ‘parental veto’ on relationships and sex education curriculum, insists Hinds’

FE News: ‘Damian Hinds writes to NAHT about relationships and sex education’

Education Executive: ‘LGBT education protesters causing teachers to seek security advice from police’

Education Executive: ‘Schools should choose what they teach when it comes to LGBT, says Damian Hinds’

Birmingham Mail (in print): ‘LGBT classes ‘for school to decide, not the parents’’

Pink News: ‘Education Secretary Damian Hinds says parents cannot veto LGBT lessons’

Gay Star News: ‘UK government refuses to force primary schools to teach LGBTI lessons’

National Secular Society: ‘NSS urges support for teachers amid anti-LGBT protests and threats’

Church Times (in print): ‘Education Secretary backs schools in LGBT-lessons row’

Christian Today: ‘Parents have no veto right on LGBT lessons, says Damian Hinds’

Jewish Chronicle (also in print): ‘LGBT issues optional for primaries’

talkRADIO: Steven George interviewed on knife crime

BBC Sussex: NAHT mentioned on knife crime

SecEd: ‘Teachers worried over knife crime accountability proposals’

TES: ‘Need to know: Are teachers being made 'scapegoats' for knife crime?’

Huff Post (also MSN & Yahoo): ‘Children Are Going Hungry Amid Harsh Restrictions On Free School Meals – Report’

TES: ‘Children 'embarrassed' by restrictions on free school meals’

Nursery World: ‘Children in poverty suffer hunger and stigma, finds new research’

TES: ‘Heads welcome plans to ensure social media firms stop 'online harm'’

TES: ‘Need to know: Are teachers being made 'scapegoats' for knife crime?’

TES: ‘Heads welcome plans to ensure social media firms stop 'online harm'’

SecEd: ‘Social media companies have 'spent too long ducking responsibility for the content they host'’

SecEd: ‘From £17,88 to £5,32 per-child – low-level mental health support funding is 'postcode lottery'’

BBC News: ‘Wealthy families are biggest winners from school appeals’

Independent (app version): ‘How secondary schools are ‘biased against poor pupils’’

Independent: ‘Poorest families half as likely to get top choice of school through appeals system, study finds’

Schools Week: ‘EPI: School admissions appeals and waiting lists ‘increase social segregation’’

TES: ‘Call to review school admissions system that 'reinforces inequality'’

Schools Week: ‘Academies giant AET gets second school improvement warning in a matter of weeks’

Asian Voice (also in print): ‘Ofsted inspection grades challenged’

Daily Mail (print): ‘Homeschool ‘register’ to help battle extremism’

Morning Star (also in print): ‘Seven unions set for strike against academy chain’

Schools Week: ‘Academies Enterprise Trust warned it could lose ‘inadequate’ primary school’

TES: ‘Exclusive: Ofsted curriculum inspections won't work, heads warn’

TES: ‘Exclusive: Heads warn of Ofsted 'confusion' on off-rolling’

TES: ‘Need to know: Where are Ofsted's school inspection changes heading?’

Early Years Educator (print): ‘Mind your language’ – 'How will Ofsted evaluate how much a four-year old knows?' blog by James Bowen referenced

Shropshire Star (also in print): ‘Mr Hinds at conference’

SecEd: ‘Absence: Parent penalty notice system under fire’

Education Executive: ‘NAHT explains the importance of union membership – particularly in the current climate’ [advertorial]

TES (print): ‘Could computers help with workload? Tech a closer look’

TES: ‘DfE wants edtech to cut time teachers spend marking’

Schools Week: ‘Let all teaching job applicants explore ‘flexible options’, says Hinds’