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Recent coverage

RSA: 'A perfect storm: how forces conspire to let down the nation’s most vulnerable children'

Schools Week: 'Curriculum will be ‘central focus’ in new Ofsted framework'

TES: 'It's about time we scrap Ofsted's "outstanding"' – blog by Michael Tidd 

EdExec: 'DfE publishes teachers’ pay grant methodology'

TES: 'The education week that was: Failing accountability and bad news on pay '

TES: 'It’s time to put Ofsted out of its misery'

The Times (print): 'Fear of Ofsted driving out good teachers, says union'

Daily Telegraph (print): 'Ofsted ratings do more harm than good, say head teachers'

Independent i (print): 'Ofsted ‘should devise a more robust system for rating schools’'

Guardian: 'Ofsted requires improvement if it is to use its enormous power as a force for good again'

PA: 'Ofsted should scrap ‘outstanding’ rating, report suggests'

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘Call for change over schools’ accountability’

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘Education inspectors urged to scrap ‘outstanding’ rating for schools’

TES (print): ‘Are Ofsted and schools heading for a divorce?’

TES: 'Teacher expertise should be in the DNA of every school' – blog by Alison Peacock

TES: 'School accountability can be a force for good' – blog by Nick Brook

TES: 'Exclusive: New blow for ‘unreliable’ Ofsted'

TES: 'Exclusive: School accountability 'doing more harm than good''

TES: 'Achieving an Ofsted 'good' in a deprived area was ‘brutal’'

TES: 'Exclusive: Five problems with Ofsted'

TES: 'Six ways school accountability ‘does more harm than good’'

TES: 'Curriculum 'skewed by tables and targets’'

TES: 'Exclusive: League tables and Ofsted 'driving teachers out''

TES: 'My career ended before Ofsted had even left the school’

TES: 'Heads want 'requires improvement' to replace floor standards'

TES: 'Ofsted must prove its reports are reliable'

TES: 'Nine ways to improve school accountability'

TES: 'Exclusive: Heads urge Ofsted to ‘pause’ inspection changes'

TES: 'Exclusive: Schools campaign to end ‘immoral’ Sats pressure'

TES: 'Long read: ‘Heads have had enough of accountability making things worse’'

TES: 'Spielman warns against over-reliance on data'

Schools Week: 'Spielman says damning report on Ofsted’s role was accurate ‘5 years ago’'

Education Executive: 'Major new studies into school accountability published'

Twitter live stream of event

Huffington Post: 'We Are Always In The Wrong Top Tens': How Austerity Has Hit The Vegas Of The North

Telegraph (also in print): iPads are blamed for less inquisitive pupils

Mail Online: iPads don't necessarily put the i back in intelligence says country's biggest teaching union, with schoolchildren staying glued to screens rather than using their imagination

Telegraph: Staggered starts: does a slow 'settling in' process do more harm than good?

Teach Secondary (print): ‘One Size Fits All?’ – article by Sarah Hannafin on reformed GCSEs

Observer: Call for atheism to be taught in RE classes

Schools Week: Make schools teach new ‘religion and worldview’ subject, says commission

Christian Today: RE should be changed to include non-religious beliefs and worldviews, says new report

UNILAD: Atheism Should Be Taught In School, Report Says

SecEd: Commission proposes new subject of religion and worldviews to replace outdated RE

Teach Primary (print): ‘7 news stories you might have missed’

EdExec: Sustainability of 30 hours free childcare scheme thrown into question

TES: Heads’ anger over lack of clarity on teachers' pay award

Schools Week: £18m ‘future talent fund’ cancelled less than a year after it was announced

BBC 2, Politics Live: Andy Mellor interviewed on DfE warning that school staff should not express political views [30.33]

Mirror: Thousands of children face shorter week at school due to Tory cuts as education crisis deepens

Daily Mail: Schools threaten to scrap Friday afternoon lessons and cut pupils' hours to a 4.5-day week to save cash

Metro: Schools forced to scrap Friday afternoons in attempt to save money

Public Finance Magazine (print): ‘TEXTBOOK CASE - With cuts to budgets and falling local authority support, schools are calling for more funding in next year’s spending review’

BBC 2, Victoria Derbyshire: Valentine Mulholland and Andy Mellor interviewed on NAHT's SEN funding report [38.23]

Channel 4 News: feature on NAHT's SEN funding report

BBC Midlands Today: feature on NAHT's SEN funding report with an interview with Valentine Mulholland

BBC News bulletinsNAHT's SEN funding report featured on BBC Radio 3, BBC Hereford & Worcester, BBC Kent, BBC Humberside, BBC Essex

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire: Valentine Mulholland interviewed on NAHT's SEN funding report

Guardian(also in print): Heads warn of crisis in special needs funding

The Times (print): ‘Cuts hit school support’

i News (print): ‘Budget cuts harming special education’

Huffington Post: The Waugh Zone – the five things you need to know about politics today

Yorkshire Post (also in print): Struggle to support special needs children

Manchester Evening News (print): ‘Schools face fight to help special needs kids’ (report also covered in a dozen more local papers, in print)

Northern Echo (also in print): Special needs £5.5m in red despite action – follow up story about North Yorkshire Council, in response to NAHT's SEN funding report (also ran in 3 further regional papers)

TES: Heads warn of ‘bleak’ picture on SEND funding

TES (print): ‘The Week in Stats’ sidebar showing the key stats from our SEN funding report, plus tips on SEND support

Schools Week: Schools having to stretch SEND budgets to cover funding shortfalls, survey finds

Nursery World: Schools unable to support SEND pupils without more funding

Brief Report: Special needs funding at crisis point, say school leaders

LocalGov: Headteachers warn of crisis in supporting SEND children

Local Government Association: LGA responds to NAHT report on SEND funding

Care Appointments: Schools supporting children with special educational needs ‘face bleak future’

TES: Exclusive: Teachers ‘deeply insulted’ over pay offer 

Schools Week: Parents think heads don’t do enough to tackle bullying – poll 

Education Executive: Bullying has almost half of children scared to return to school

Lancashire Evening Post (print): ‘We need better school salaries’ – interview with Andy Mellor. This interview has appeared in 8 Lancashire news outlets and City Talk FM Liverpool news. 

Schools Week: Parents think heads don’t do enough to tackle bullying – poll 

Education Executive: Bullying has almost half of children scared to return to school

Guardian: Calls for action over UK's 'intolerable' child mental health crisis 

An interview with James Bowen on reception children starting school has run in 35 outlets across Sussex and Yorkshire: Sleep routines for new school starters 

BBC Radio Surrey: Steven George interviewed on PAC report into Ofsted 

Nursery World: Cross-party MPs accuse Ofsted of underperforming

BBC Radio Kent: Steven George interviewed on coaching for the 11+ exam

BBC South East TV News: NAHT statement on coaching for the 11+ exam