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Secondary Conference: Capturing the Teenage Brain

Capturing the teenage brain


NAHT has launched a one-day conference dedicated to secondary-phase issues. Taking place on Friday 9 February in Birmingham, the conference aims to stimulate ideas for those working in secondary, as well as inspire a greater understanding of educational and neuroscience thinking on adolescence. Delegates will take away valuable best practice advice and a host of teaching ideas. NAHT’s Secondary Sector Council has worked closely with NAHT's events team to ensure the most pertinent secondary topics are on the agenda.

Keynote speakers already confirmed are world-renowned cognitive scientist Professor Guy Claxton, and leading neurobiologist Dr Andrew Curran of Independent Thinking Ltd. Both are committed to using their knowledge of the human brain to steer a greater understanding of what moves, motivates and encourages learning in young people.

Of particular interest will be the six specially commissioned workshops. Subjects being tackled on the day include: ‘Impact of peers on adolescent development - a neuroscientific perspective’, ‘The truth about resilience’, and ‘Warm pedagogy: An innovative and exciting curriculum for everyone’.

NAHT recognises that there are many challenges in the secondary phase today, from that of delivering a broad and balanced curriculum alongside the demands of an accountability regime, right through to how to understand and meet the needs of teens, particularly when mental health issues have become such a pressing concern in modern teenage life.

Rob Campbell, executive principal at Impington Village College, and chair of NAHT's Secondary Sector Council says: “We wanted to put on something that as secondary practitioners we felt was more profound – namely to understand and better cope with teenagers, using recent research and practice from neuroscience. We’re particularly interested in ‘what works’ when it comes to trying to engage the teenage mind.”

Keynote speakers

   Professor Guy Claxton, Cognitive scientist (pictured left)
   Dr Andrew Curran, Independent Thinking Ltd.
   Sarah Kendrick, Place2Be and young person TBC


There are six specially commissioned workshops on offer at this event:

    Poverty of aspiration - from theory to practice - TBC        
    Impact of peers on adolescent development - a neuroscientific perspective   
    How quality first teaching can capture hard to reach students/The teenage brain   
    The truth about resilience   
    Behaviour, collaboration and connection         
    Warm pedagogy: An innovative and exciting curriculum for everyone

Who should attend?

People working the secondary sector, other phases and alternative providers; to facilitate increased understanding of the teenage brain. This also includes anyone working in the Independent sector/IAPS, and middle as well as senior leaders.

Capturing the Teenage Brain: Friday 9 February 2018, Birmingham 
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Page Published: 04/09/2017

First published 04 September 2017