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Reviewing and updating SEN information reports

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Since September 2014, all schools, including academies, have been required to publish a SEN information report on their school website, and ensure that it includes details of, and links to, the area's local offer.

As part of the statutory requirement to have a SEN information report, schools are expected to review these at least annually and ensure it is updated. In undertaking such a review, some of the key questions that need to be explored are:

  • Is the SEN information report easy to find?
  • Does it cover all 14 required areas – see paragraphs 6.79 – 6.83 of the Code of Practice?
  • Is it up-to-date? Has it been reviewed within the last year?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Does it convey a welcoming message?
  • How well presented is it?
  • What do parents and children think of it, and how can they be more involved in co-producing the report?
  • Does it provide a link to the school's accessibility plan?

Keeping the SEN information report as a live, up-to-date profile enables schools to celebrate the quality of the school's provision for pupils with SEN and share details of pupils' achievements with pupils, parents, local authorities, Ofsted and other interested members of the public.

First published 30 October 2018