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Review of the National Award for SENCos in 2016/17


Achievement for All was funded by the Department for Education to undertake a project that focused on the National Award for SENCos in 2016/17.  The project had three strands, and it resulted in the following reports: 

  1. Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the National Award for SENCo - Plymouth University conducted this report and surveyed schools, parents, carers and young people about the impact of the award.  More than 1,000 people responded to the school survey.  The report was informed by responses from 500 parents and carers, and 90 young people.  
  1. Review of the SENCo function in early years and post-16 settings - Achievement for All conducted this review, which drew evidence from more than 50 interviews with local authority employed SENCos and further education leaders alongside focus groups with early years providers and members of the national SENCo award provider group.  Approximately 500 survey responses from practitioners and managers in the early years and FE sectors helped to shape the review. 
  1. Review of the quality assurance processes - This report, undertaken by Plymouth University, examined and reported on the quality assurance processes set up by the national SENCo award provider group to maintain the integrity and improve the quality of the award training.  

Learn more about the project and the findings from the review by visiting Achievement for All’s website.

First published 30 November 2017