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NAHT needs you - a call for members to respond to the Ofsted consultation

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Why is it so important that I respond, personally?  

NAHT will be making a full response as the largest school leadership union in England, representing our 29,000+ members.

But we also urge all members to make your own personal response to support the detailed and comprehensive response that we will make on your behalf. Your voice really matters. Don’t leave it to someone else. 

Everything you need to know to help you respond to Ofsted’s school inspection consultation

We know you haven’t got time to read the 230 odd pages of various Ofsted documents. To help you we’ve produced this guide, setting out NAHT’s position for every question which you can find at the bottom of this page.

You don’t need to write anything – simply complete a tick box for each question.  If you’d like to add some comments, we have provided some analysis to help you.

Why is this important?

Ofsted’s proposals don’t come close to meeting the recommendations made in our accountability report. There’s nothing that will reduce the stress and increase the reliability of judgements. It’s not the game changer needed to reduce fear, stress and the high stakes of inspection.

But it is a consultation – so there is an opportunity to change things.

How do I respond?

Either: Click here to respond to the consultation online and use our guide to help you. If you’ve not got much time just skim through each page and tick the relevant box for each question.

Or: Download a word copy of the form here and use our guide to help you. You can simply tick the relevant boxes, save the form and then email it to

Please remember to fill in section two of the ‘about you’ section – this is vital to ensure your views are counted and recorded.

The only school leadership option available to select is ‘Headteacher / Principal’, so this is probably the best-fit choice to tick for all school leadership roles. NAHT’s formal response will be on behalf of all school leaders.

If you have time, drop us an email to stating ‘Response sent’ in the subject line, so we can gauge how many members have responded to the consultation.

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First published 15 March 2019