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Ofsted’s new inspection framework – three steps for school leaders

Ofsted FAQs - image showing a magnifying glass

1. What you need to know

Ofsted’s new inspection framework is now being rolled out. To help you get to grips quickly with the key changes we produced some frequently asked questions at the end of the summer term. This guide provides members with an outline of the judgements and the key changes members need to be aware of, particularly if they are expecting a visit from Ofsted in the near future.

2. What to do if there’s a problem with your inspection

It’s vital to deal with any issues while the inspection is ongoing. Don’t wait until the inspection is over. Ofsted’s complaints process rarely results in any substantive change to an inspection report or outcomes. 

Raise the issue with the lead inspector and contact NAHT’s helpline on 0300 30 30 333 (option 1) to discuss the matter.  

3. Send NAHT your inspection feedback

Good or bad, we want to know about it! Send us an email at No need for polished prose – a few bullet points will do. Include a number so that we can contact you.

Tell us how your inspection went. Was it:

  • fair and accurate?
  • conducted in a professional manner? 
  • an opportunity to present your school’s strengths and achievements?
  • a useful and formative professional dialogue that will help you to develop and improve your school in the future?

Your feedback will help us to represent your interests with Ofsted. Email us at

First published 10 September 2019