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Ofsted's July inspection update includes clarification on 'tracking' primary subjects

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Ofsted's latest school inspection update contains clarification for inspectors on a number of inspection areas.  (Read the full update here.)

'Tracking' achievement in subjects in primary schools

The update confirms that "schools will not be marked down because they are not 'tracking' science and foundation subjects in the same ways they may be doing so in English and mathematics."

Ofsted has made clear to inspectors that the use of the term 'tracking' in inspection reports is "problematic because it can suggest some form of numerical data is required, when there is no such requirement, even in English and mathematics".

The update also contains the following:
  • Information on the revised inspection timings for good, requires improvement and inadequate schools (previously shared with our members)
  • Guidance about what inspectors should do where they identify safeguarding concerns about children absent from school
  • Guidance on what should be looked at on inspection from September 2018 regarding the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) in schools
  • Information on the Department for Education's newly published guidance on gender separation in mixed schools
  • Guidance on focusing on groups of pupils on inspection
  • Clarification on inspecting religious education (RE) and collective worship
  • A reminder about early years staffing ratios
  • Guidance on informing governors about an inspection
  • Information on school performance data systems − third-party suppliers
  • Guidance on changes to statutory assessment for key stages one and two.
First published 09 July 2018