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Ofsted publishes updated complaints guidance

 On 12 June 2017 Ofsted published updated complaints guidance – described as 'minor changes to make the process clear'. 

The guidance continues to urge schools to raise any concerns about inspection or an inspector during the inspection itself, to provide for informal resolution.

The deadline for a formal complaint remains 10 working days following the 'incident of concern', although the guidance states that a formal complaint about an inspection should be submitted after the final report has been received by a school. 10 working days is defined as '…any weekday other than a public holiday, not the days on which an inspected provider may operate.'  Complaints must be submitted using Ofsted's online complaints form.  Ofsted will normally respond in writing within 30 days.

Where a complainant is dissatisfied with the handling of a complaint, an internal review may be requested – this must be submitted within 15 working days of receipt of Ofsted's response to the original complaint. 

Where a complainant remains dissatisfied there are circumstances where a complaint can be made to the Independent Complaints Adjudicator.

First published 24 January 2018