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NAHT welcomes  the end of floor and coasting standards

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NAHT has long campaigned for the government to remove the floor and coasting standards.

This week, the DfE has launched a consultation which seeks views on proposals for a clearer, simpler approach to identifying schools that may benefit from an offer of support to help improve a school's educational performance.

Our Assessment Review Group report in 2017, resolutions at Annual Conference and most recently the report of our Accountability Commission have all clearly called for an end to the use of floor and coasting standards. NAHT's Accountability Commission also made a clear recommendation that the DfE should use a 'requires improvement' judgement as the trigger for funded support and as a replacement for floor and coasting standards.

NAHT is encouraged that our work on this has been successful and that the Secretary of State agrees with NAHT's views as the consultation proposes:

  • to use Ofsted 'requires improvement' judgements to identify schools eligible for these DfE offers of support
  • to remove coasting and floor data standards. 

The support to those schools will remain optional, as it has been this year. It will be for schools to decide whether or not they take up that offer. The consultation document explains more about this.

We encourage you to submit your own response to the consultation. It will take only a few minutes of your time as the consultation has only four questions to which you can respond with a click and there is the option to add comments if you wish. You can have your say here.

NAHT will be submitting a response to the consultation on behalf of our members.

First published 30 January 2019