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NAHT publishes new report on collaboration between schools


NAHT has published a new report that explores how schools are collaborating with each other to achieve successful outcomes.

Recent changes to the educational landscape have made it more important than ever before for schools to collaborate and develop successful partnerships.

While the government has stated that the multi-academy trust (MAT) is their preferred form of collaboration for schools, there remains much to be learnt from the many other models of collaboration in evidence throughout the system.

The decision to enter into a formal collaboration of any kind rests with a school’s governing body. However, it is school leaders who will often be tasked with investigating and taking forward such decisions.

This document draws on case studies of six very different collaborations, and it presents a literature review of evidence on school collaboration and partnerships. It highlights to schools considering collaboration what works well, along with the potential difficulties that can occur.

First published 01 June 2018