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Floor and coasting standards in 2018 to be used only to offer schools optional support

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NAHT wrote to members over the summer break to let them know that we had received an update from the Department for Education on the use of floor and coasting standards for the next academic year. This approach has been confirmed in the updated guidance on primary accountability but will also apply to secondary schools.

 The Secretary of State announced on 4 May 2018 at the NAHT conference that there will be a consultation this autumn on a new way to identify schools that might benefit from an offer of support, which will be in place from September 2019. Until then, the existing floor and coasting standards will remain in place.

The Department has confirmed the arrangements for a transition year in 2018-19. Where a school is below the floor or coasting standards but is not judged inadequate, the RSC will not use the Secretary of State's powers to issue an academy order or a warning notice.

The floor and coasting standards will be calculated in 2018 solely for the Department for Education to identify schools that might benefit from support. Therefore, for schools which are not judged inadequate by Ofsted, the consequence of being below the floor or coasting will be only that an optional offer of support will be made.

Alongside this, the Department has agreed with Ofsted that floor and coasting references will be removed from IDSR and inspectors will be informed that the fact that a school is floor or coasting based on their data is not something that should be referred to in inspection reports.

The NAHT's work to improve the system is bearing fruit. This is a welcome step in the right direction and is made in response to the calls of the profession articulated by your association.


First published 05 September 2018