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Christmas decorations and the risk of asbestos exposure

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Nearly 90 per cent of schools have buildings that contain asbestos. If your school buildings were constructed before 2000, the chances are that they will contain asbestos.

At this time of the year, many teachers and students will be getting ready to put up Christmas decorations in classrooms and assembly halls. Before doing so, make sure all staff members are aware of the school's asbestos management plan, understand the risks that asbestos fibres pose and know where asbestos is located. It's critical that staff do not use pins and staples on asbestos because this can result in the release of dangerous fibres that cause mesothelioma many years after exposure - a fatal disease.

Read the guidance from Joint Union Asbestos Committee, of which NAHT is a member. More guidance on asbestos is available for members on our website.

First published 30 November 2017