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Changes to SEN information on performance tables

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NAHT is part of a DfE group considering the presentation of performance data related to SEN pupils. The group has discussed possible ways which the presentation of information and data about schools could be improved.

There has been a recent update to the find and compare information about schools pages on which includes two of the changes to the information on SEN that the group has proposed and discussed this year:

  • It is now made clear where schools have a SEN unit or resource provision in the information about schools; and
  • For all schools, in the pupil population information, school and national-level percentages of pupils who are receiving SEN support are now included. This is in addition to the information on pupils with a SEN statement or an EHC plan. 

This a positive step and, in the new year, the DfE will continue to consider some of the medium and longer-term changes which have been discussed.

First published 20 June 2019