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Analyse School Performance: the RAISE replacement service


Analyse school performance (ASP) update 


The following data is now available: 

  • KS4 2017 revised data is now available in ASP
  • KS2 Revised data for 2017 is now available in ASP
  • Early years foundation stage profile data for 2017 is now available in ASP
  • Revised KS4 data for 2017 will be available in ASP at the end of February 2018
  • The key stage 4 (KS4) 2017 provisional data and destinations data for 2015/16 is now available in ASP. 

More than 50,000 users are now using ASP. The Department for Education (DfE) is continuing to make improvements to the service following user feedback and are in the process of planning the next major updates for later in the year. Improvements include updates to the content section in the school performance summary report, a new key stage 4 pupil list and front-end improvements to the key stage 1 and phonics pupil list such as the re-ordering of table fields to enable easier comparison of data.

How to access the replacement service and help 

Access is via Secure Access and help with logging in is available here. 

The DfE has provided single sign-on for a growing range of services. Each school, local authority, multi-academy trust and diocese has someone already designated as the secure access approver. They can see how to do this via the secure access approver role guide. Personal logins can be requested for a number of individuals in the school, including governors.

If you are not sure who your Secure Access Approver is, ask the person who sends the data returns such as the school census to the DfE – this may be your business manager. If you still need help, contact the secure access helpdesk.

First published 31 January 2018