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Analyse School Performance (ASP) – accessing the service and latest update

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The key stage two question level analysis (QLA) data for 2018 is now available in Analyse School Performance (ASP)

QLA data enables primary schools to assess how well their children performed in each question and strand of the three key stage two test papers. 

Update for secondary schools

Question Level Analysis (QLA) – when you have uploaded your new year 7 pupils UPNs you now have the option to download the data file.

Coming soon

  • Additional QLA functionality to allow year six custom views (in the coming weeks)
  • Data management, which will give you the ability to remove pupils from your data to carry out 'what if' scenarios (towards the end of September)
  • Key stage two provisional data (towards the end of September); this excludes disadvantage breakdowns, which will follow in a later release.

Accessing ASP

You could previously access ASP through the secure access (SA) portal. This has recently been replaced by DfE sign-in.

You will have received details of how to migrate to the new process, but you can access these instructions again here. If you still need help, contact the DfE sign-in helpdesk.

Over the summer, you will see more services migrating to DfE sign-in, and this will continue until they are all on DfE sign-in. This is because the SA portal is being decommissioned later in the year. 

Until then, you will need to remember your old SA portal login details because some services will still use them while others will use the new DfE sign-in username and password you have set up.

First published 30 July 2018