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Analyse School Performance (ASP) – latest update

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Recent updates 

School Characteristics 2019 data is now available in ASP. The following reports are available:

  • Basic characteristics trends
  • Basic characteristics by national curriculum year group
  • Prior attainment of pupils by year group

This release is nearly three months earlier than last year.

KS2 provisional data for 2019 is now available in ASP.

This year the children looked after (CLA) collection closure date was delayed by five weeks due to technical issues. Because of this the CLA data and disadvantaged data will not be included in ASP until the revised data release.

The scatterplot functionality has been improved so you can now filter by certain pupil group information.

Primary video tutorial

A short video tutorial has been produced explaining what is in ASP.  This is available in the Help section or by clicking here:

Data management

  • Data management is now available in ASP. This allows school named users to create 'what if' scenarios and explore the impact on the measures by removing one or more pupils from their phonics, KS1, KS2 or KS4 data so they can see how their data looks in different scenarios. For example, users can create a custom view showing the performance of pupils with EAL or non-mobile pupils.  
  • School users are able to toggle between their default and custom views for most headline reports (a list of reports and data items which cannot be updated by data management are shown on the data management homepage). This data management function is available for the most recent year's data held in ASP (ie 2017) and will be updated as and when new data becomes available.
  • The functionality has been improved to export most files to PDF or Excel.

Coming soon

  • KS1 and Phonics 2018/19 – October 2019
  • KS4 Provisional 2018/19  – November 2019
  • KS2 Revised 2018/19 – December 2019
  • KS4 Revised 2018/19 – January 2020
A video tutorial explaining what is in ASP for secondary schools will be published with the KS4 data release.


Previous updates: primary

The KS2 Question Level Analysis Data (QLA) for 2018/19 is now available in ASP. QLA data enables primary schools to assess how well their children performed in the key stage 2 tests by subject strand, by question and by individual pupils and compare these with the national average. It also supports secondary schools in identifying strengths and weaknesses for their incoming year sevens.

Navigation for ASP has been improved to help users find the data they need more quickly. You can provide feedback on these changes by email:

Provisional 2018 KS1 and phonics (with disadvantage data) is now available in ASP. Please note, users will need to have school named access (through their DfE sign-in account) in order to view pupil-level data. 

The 2018 primary Inspection Data Summary Reports (IDSRs) are available on ASP. The primary IDSRs hold provisional data for KS2, KS1, phonics and context data. This includes data for disadvantaged pupils.

KS2 revised 2018 data is now available in ASP. This release also includes a new 'switch comparator' function, which allows you to switch the disadvantaged national comparator to a 'like-for-like' comparator. This is different from the default DfE national comparator, which is the national average for non-disadvantaged pupils.

The KS2 provisional data for 2018, including disadvantage data, is now available in ASP. Three-year average and three-year time series data is also included within this release.

Previous updates: secondary

The following are all now available in Analyse School Performance (ASP):

  • Key stage 4 (KS4) 'Relative performance indicators by subject' report for 2017-18
  • KS4 'entries and attainment by subject' report for 2017-18.

    KS4 revised data for 2018 and revised destinations (after KS4) for 2017 is available in ASP. This release includes a new 'switch comparator' function, which allows you to switch the disadvantaged national comparator to a 'like-for-like' comparator. This is different from the default DfE national comparator, which is the national average for non-disadvantaged pupils.

    The Ofsted KS4 revised 2018 inspection data summary reports (IDSRs), are available in ASP. The IDSRs now contain final EYFS, revised KS2, KS4, destinations and provisional KS1/phonics, and 16-to-19 study programmes.

Accessing ASP

Access to ASP was previously through the Secure Access portal, this has now been replaced by DfE Sign-in. The step by step process for this is on the DfE Sign-in website. If you are unable to migrate using your Secure Access username and password, please contact the approver at your organisation who will be able to create you a new account. It is important that your log-in credentials remain confidential; the additional responsibilities of approvers can be found in the terms of use section in ASP.

In response to requests from users, a new release timetable (which includes upcoming data releases) has been added to ASP. This is available by clicking the 'release timetable' link at the top of the page/banner once logged into ASP.

Last updated 02 October 2019