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An introduction to 'Celebrating Success: Succeeding against the odds'

Stand up and keep going


This conference (in Stoke-on-Trent on 9 March 2018) follows previous successful ones, and we have planned this year’s programme so that it is as exciting and interesting as previous ones. 

We wanted to start the conference with an inspirational speaker who shows that when facing adversity, it is still possible to lead a fulfilling life - this is the aim of all who teach and support pupils who have particular needs and issues. And it is good to hear positive stories. 

In addition, we wanted the conference to have up-to-date information about issues in school that matter, continue to give cause for concern and, at present, are far from agreed - not least assessment, funding and accountability. 

We have slightly altered the format in view of comments from last year, but the range of activities remains the same. There is the opportunity to hear two keynote speakers - Aaron Phipps who has a powerful story about resilience and positive choices in the face of significant challenges; and Jean Gross CBE who is a national expert on special educational needs and was chair of the Bercow Ten Years On 2018 Review of services for SLCN. And, of course, NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman will be speaking. 

There will be an opportunity to choose from three of the following seminar topics - each of them very much at the forefront of what is happening in our schools and educational settings at present. They include assessment, mental health and neuroscience, Ofsted, speech and language developments, current significant safety concerns, careers and inclusion. There will also be the opportunity to visit a range of exhibitors who will share resources that could be of use and benefit to your schools.  And, finally, there will be the opportunity to spend time networking with colleagues, renewing old friendships or making new ones.

Do keep an eye on our website to get further information about the programme and how you can book your place.

We look forward to seeing you there.