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You’re never too young to talk mental health - free teaching resources


Many schools are doing great work to support mental health and wellbeing but there is a shortage of evidence-based teaching resources. Yet there is increasing concern about children’s mental health. This week a study by the UCL found that one in four girls and one in ten boys are depressed at 14.

We know that teaching staff and school leaders want to support children’s mental health. This week The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (AFNCCF) published a YouGov poll showing that 92% of primary school teachers in England believe schools have a crucial role in identifying pupils who have a mental health problem. But only 10% said that they were very confident about what to do when a child experiences a mental health problem.

As part of their campaign, You’re never too young to talk mental health AFNCCF published free teaching resources for primary schools They’re targeted at children in years 5 & 6 – just at the stage where they are preparing for big changes in their lives, such as transition to secondary schools and approaching adolescence.

The materials include:

AFNCCF are also running free after-school workshops in Manchester (2 October) and Newcastle (5 October) which focus on the evidence base for mental health interventions in primary schools and how to use the animation and lesson plans.

You can also join AFNCCF’s free learning network Schools in Mind.

First published 30 November 2017