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Teaching equality in school - news round-up

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Sunday Times: ‘The law that promotes teaching tolerance also protects religious freedom’ – blog by Paul Whiteman

Sunday Times (also in print): ‘Mother warns teacher she will kill her son if he is gay’

The Times (also in print): ‘Head teachers, not parents, have final say on LGBT lessons’

Guardian (also in print): ‘Hinds steps in to support schools in battle over LGBT lessons’

Daily Telegraph (also in print): ‘Pupils cannot be vetoed out of LGBT lessons, Hinds tells heads’

Sun (also in print): ‘'DEATH THREAT' TO LGBT ROW SIR’

BBC News: ‘LGBT lessons: Schools told they can choose what to teach’

BBC News: ‘LGBT lesson row head teachers 'feel alone' and unsupported’

Sky: ‘Parents cannot 'veto' sex education lessons, education secretary says’

Independent: ‘Intimidation of teachers during protests against LGBT+ classes is ‘very concerning’, education secretary says’

Independent: ‘LGBT+ lessons: Hundreds of children could be withdrawn from Birmingham school over relationships education, protesters warn’

i News: ‘Teachers given security advice from police as parents protest against LGBT inclusive education intensifies’

Yorkshire Post (print): ‘'Parents have no right to veto parts of sex lessons'’

Pink News: ‘Education Secretary Damian Hinds says parents cannot veto LGBT lessons’

TES: ‘Hinds: Parents should have no veto over LGBT lessons’

TES: ‘Heads' to be reminded of legal duty to teach LGBT people’

Schools Week: ‘No ‘parental veto’ on relationships and sex education curriculum, insists Hinds’

FE News: ‘Damian Hinds writes to NAHT about relationships and sex education’

Education Executive: ‘LGBT education protesters causing teachers to seek security advice from police’

Press Association (x118): ‘‘Consultation on relationships and sex education does not give parents veto’’

Sky Radio news sites (x27): ‘Parents cannot 'veto' sex education lessons, education secretary says’

BBC Radio 4: NAHT Birmingham meeting reported in relation to LGBT+ protests

BBC West Midlands TV: NAHT’s position reported: “The head teachers' union the NAHT says... The law that permits a person to follow their chosen religion or hold a belief without being discriminated against is the same law that protects someone else's sexual orientation, or disability, or race. The law expects schools to help pupils understand that.”

BBC West Midlands Radio: Damian Hinds letter reported

First published 10 April 2019