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Safer Internet Day (9 February 2021): together for a better internet

School child using tablet

For 2021, the day explores reliability online and how young people can separate fact from fiction so that they can take the next steps in helping to create an internet full of trustworthy and reliable information. 

To help your school join in, free education packs (primary and secondary) are available for you to download. The packs (available in both English and Welsh) include assembly presentations, lesson plans and videos. 

There are also resources for parents and carers to use at home with their children, including conversation starters, quick activities and more.  

Other ways you can support the day: 

  • Register as a supporter - join more than 1,700 organisations across the UK that deliver activities for Safer Internet Day each year, from tech companies, banks and football clubs to schools, police services and charities. You can see what other organisations across the UK are doing to support the day using this map
  • Spread the word  - use the images, logos and sample tweets provided to help get people involved in Safer Internet Day. Spread the word using the hashtags #SaferInternetDay and #AnInternetWeTrust.
  • Watch the films – Safer Internet Centre has created a series of films that explore the theme of trust and reliability online. There is a campaign film exploring the theme in more depth as well as films for different age groups and parents and carers.
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First published 30 November 2020