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Run, hide, tell: advice for young people


Counter Terrorism Police (CTP) have launched their first ever safety campaign aimed at children and teenagers.

Designed to teach 11-16 year olds how to act in the unlikely event they are caught in a gun or knife attack, the ACT for YOUTH campaign reinvents the successful 'Run, Hide, Tell' public information films for a new generation.

The campaign is supported across policing and government, with the hope that Run, Hide, Tell will eventually make up part of the PSHE, (Personal Social Health Economic), curriculum of formal education at schools and colleges.

The CTP has also teamed up with key partners such as the NSPCC, Childline and Educate Against Hate, to help and support parents who are understandably anxious about discussing such a topic with their children.

Teaching materials

CTP have collaborated with the PSHE Association to take terrorism safety advice into the UK’s classrooms for the first time.

Security experts from CTP have commissioned the creation of an animated film designed to teach young people how to react if caught up in an a gun or knife terror attack. The film aimed at 11 to 16 year olds will also show them what to do if they see suspicious behaviour or a suspicious item.

Versions of the new film for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils, will be the cornerstone of teaching material, specially-designed by the PSHE Association and available to schools now.

All materials needed to deliver these sessions can be downloaded here.
First published 30 November 2017