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Next steps on the mental health green paper - government responds to consultation

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The Department of Health & Social Care and the Department for Education held a public consultation which closed in March 2018 on 'Transforming children and young people's mental health provision: a green paper'. The consultation received over 2,700 responses.

The government has published their response to the consultation and you can read it in full here.

NAHT is pleased that, in their response to the consultation, the government has acknowledged the fantastic work which is already happening around the country in our schools to support pupils' mental wellbeing, despite the challenges they face in insufficient funding and the lack of timely availability of support from specialist services.

NAHT has been absolutely clear on the right role for schools and their staff and government has accepted this. The role of the new designated mental health leads in schools is not that of a mental health professional and teachers and school leaders should not be involved in the diagnosis or treatment of mental health conditions.

Mental health support teams, to provide early support and intervention, have the potential to really make a difference to children and young people. But our concerns remain for the children, young people and schools who may still see no improvement in mental health support in their area for many years and we continue to urge the Departments of Education and Health to actively seek ways to increase the pace of the rollout of these teams across the country.

Below you will find a useful briefing which sets out answers to key questions in the green paper proposals, taken from the government's response to the consultation. This has been developed by the National Children's Bureau, whose Partnership for wellbeing and mental health in schools is supported by NAHT. The briefing answers the following questions:

  • How has the role of designated senior lead been clarified?
  • How will the designated senior lead be trained?
  • Will the designated senior lead be a statutory requirement?
  • Will schools receive funding for the designated senior lead?
  • How has the role of mental health support teams been clarified?
  • How has the composition of mental health support teams been clarified?
  • How will the four week waiting time be implemented?
  • When is this all happening?
  • Has implementation been accelerated based on feedback?
  • Where will the money for the trailblazers go?
  • Will the money for the trailblazers be ring-fenced?
  • How will the trailblazers' test support for vulnerable children?
  • How has the government responded to concerns that the proposals do not have enough focus on prevention?
  • What other relevant things have the government done since the publication of the green paper?

Mental health green paper next steps - Partnership for wellbeing and mental health in schools.pdf

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First published 12 September 2018