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New Sport England survey to understand how children engage in physical

 NAHT members should look out for an invitation to participate in a new survey which should benefit schools, local communities and national policy. Sport England’s new Active Lives: Children and Young People survey will provide a world-leading approach to understanding how children engage with sport and physical activity.

Each term, a number of schools will be randomly selected to take part in the annual survey, with the aim of getting 100,000 children and young people in Years 1 to 11 to complete it each academic year.   

With a sample of this size, Sport England will be able to produce estimates down to local authority level, meaning the results will shape and influence local decision-making as well as inform government policy on the Primary PE and Sports Premium, Childhood Obesity Plan and other programmes.


What are the benefits to schools? 

Each school that takes part will be given a bespoke report summarising their own results from the survey, which will capture information on children’s overall activity levels (in and outside school), physical literacy, swimming proficiency, health and wellbeing and other topics.

The reports will give staff evidence and insight into how their school is performing in terms of engaging its pupils in sport and physical activity. These will not be published or used to compare schools, but are purely designed for the benefit of the individual school.

In addition, Sport England will offer each participating school at least £100 to thank them for their involvement in the study.


What does the survey involve for schools? 

Schools selected to take part in the survey will be contacted by their County Sports Partnership (CSP) and asked if one class in up to three different year groups can fill out the questionnaires.

While not all schools will be asked to take part in the survey this academic year, Sport England estimates that schools will be asked to participate on average every three or four years. 

The survey has been designed to be as easy for schools to administer as possible. CSPs will provide everything schools need – including templates for letters to parents, information sheets for teachers and pupils and technical guidance.

Schools can administer the survey at any point in a given term, depending on what works best for them. 

The questionnaires have also been designed to be simple and enjoyable for pupils to complete and are tailored to different age groups. They can be completed on desktop computers, laptops or tablets and take around 20 minutes to fill in.

One teacher from each school will be asked to complete a 10 minute survey to give some broader context to the pupils’ responses. 

For the youngest pupils in Years 1 and 2, Sport England would like parents to complete a questionnaire to give more detailed information about their child’s physical activity behaviours. Some primary schools may therefore be asked to let parents know about this.

How to find out more

We are encouraging our members to get involved please contact your CSPor click here for more information. 

If you don’t know who your local CSP is you can find out by clicking here.
First published 30 November 2017