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Five reasons to join us at our capturing the teenage brain conference

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  1. Learn something new – We believe it’s important that you invest in your career and professional goals. Without exposure to new points of view, you can miss out on fresh ideas and emerging trends that can impact your school’s future success. Our capturing the teenage brain conference (on 9 February 2018 in Birmingham) is designed to highlight and celebrate examples of effective and innovative practice in education, so you feel better equipped to deal with the latest challenges of teaching teenagers.

  2. Hear from inspirational speakers – This is an excellent opportunity for you to rub shoulders with the scholars and leading professionals in the world of neuroscience and discuss important topics on a deeper and more personal level. Our keynotes include world-renowned cognitive scientist professor Guy Claxton and cognitive neurologist Dr Andrew Curran. As well as listening to respected experts on the best topics, you’ll get the chance to share your thoughts and experiences, ask questions and join the debate in a relaxed and informal atmosphere of a specialist professional conference.

  3. Get energised and more creative – Attending a conference is a great opportunity for you to refuel. Just when you start to feel worn out by the demanding workload or stuck in a rut, conferences can give you the boost you need to get re-energised. And learning in a different environment can spark a brand new perspective or way of thinking.

  4. Meet like-minded people – In the fast-paced age of digital technology and social media, the real value of attending a conference comes from meeting like-minded colleagues and realising you are not alone when it comes to improving education. You get to make new friends, strengthen existing relationships and develop a support network to tackle the challenges you face in school.

  5. Have fun – We design our conference so you can interact and try things out. You can visit and talk to innovative suppliers of educational resources and services, and experience one of the most exciting virtual reality learning platforms developed by our sponsor Lyfta. 

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First published 08 February 2018