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The DfE’s 'Wellbeing for education return' training

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The government has begun its 'Wellbeing for education return' project, which will provide training and resources to all schools and colleges in England on supporting staff and pupils with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their mental health and well-being.

Local authorities have received training and funding to support them to deliver the training to a member of staff in all schools in their area this autumn term and provide ongoing support until March 2021

Local authorities are able to tailor the training to the local context and have flexibility when deciding how and when training is offered in their area and will communicate this directly with schools. This could be via twilight sessions, delivering the training in sections or recording and making available webinars. 

The training

  • Aims to prevent the onset of mental health problems and help pupils with pre-existing or emerging difficulties get the right support
  • Materials are intended to be shared with the school staff and leadership to ensure all staff are empowered
  • Includes tools, techniques and case studies that you can adapt for pupils of different ages, staff and parents and carers.  

Find further details about it here

First published 07 September 2020