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An opportunity missed on restraint and restrictive intervention

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NAHT has long pressed for definitive guidance on the use of restraint and restrictive intervention that is applicable to all school settings, in order to provide school leaders and their staff with clarity on the restriction of liberty and the use of restraint. 

While the draft guidance has a welcome focus on minimising and reducing the need for these interventions, NAHT was dismayed at the limited scope of this long-awaited and much-anticipated document.

NAHT's view is that the current scope of the draft guidance is too limited. As it stands, the guidance does not apply to mainstream schools, PRUs or AP settings.

NAHT believes that all schools require a clear framework to work within that sets out unambiguous and clear guidance on the use of restraint or restrictive intervention and is underpinned by a workable approach to understanding and responding to the legal issues that arise. Clear guidance on appropriate training, including approved and unapproved methods of restraint are required, alongside a detailed exposition of the principles and practice of dynamic risk assessment.

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First published 01 February 2018