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What should the Department for Education do to improve school leader workload?

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NAHT is positively engaged with key policy teams at the Department for Education (DfE) that are working on the recruitment and retention crisis in teaching and teacher and school leader workload in schools. We've  worked with the DfE on the workload toolkit and were part of the workload advisory group. We've also influenced developments on qualified teacher status and wider career progression and are engaged with the DfE's recruitment and retention strategy team.

As part of their work on workload in schools, the DfE Teacher Workload Team are running a short series of focus groups to better understand school leader workload. This includes identifying the key burdens, and any unnecessary tasks which could be removed, to explore possible ways forward.

The meetings will be held in DfE offices and are open to all members of school senior leadership teams (one representative per school). We would encourage you to join a group to add your voice to the evidence and possible solutions.

The events will be held at:

  • Darlington, 21 January, 11-1pm
  • Manchester, 22 January, 2-4pm
  • London, 25 January, 11-1pm and/or 2-4pm (one or two sessions depending on demand)
  • Coventry, 28 January, 10-12pm
  • London, 31 January, 10-12pm

Email if you are interested in attending a group and provide your name, role, organisation, email address and phone number as well as the location and time you prefer.

The DfE team will confirm your place early in the new year and send full location details. If you would also consider a session in these locations from 5–7pm please let them know. 

First published 13 December 2018