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The DfE publishes resources for schools to tackle workload


The DfE has just published a number of resources to support schools in addressing teacher and school leaders' workload. This includes a short video setting out a shared commitment by Ofsted and the DfE on addressing workload issues throughout the education system, and a range of articles on the DfE sponsored TES workload hub (the video is also available on the hub).

Alongside this, the DfE has published a number of research reports into teacher workload. The first of these, a qualitative study following on from the 2016 teacher workload survey, paints a bleak picture of workload issues in schools.  It identifies a number of key drivers and recognises that SLT commitment is also critical in trying to tackle the issue. For those NAHT members keen to explore this issue in more detail, some interesting insight and learning can be gleaned from the DfE, including:

  • summary report of the findings of collaborative projects into reducing workload carried out by 12 groups of schools, and the 12 project reports
  • and, review of packages of support and CPD available to schools in relation to reducing teacher workload.
First published 14 March 2018