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Teachers’ pay grant allocations for 2018/19 for England announced

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Last week, the Department for Education (DfE) confirmed the school and Local Authority level allocations for the teachers’ pay grant (TPG) in England for the 2018 to 2019 financial year, with allocations covering the period September 2018 to March 2019. Further allocations covering the next financial year are expected to be published in due course.

We are expecting to hear further information on allocations in Wales shortly.

The allocation spreadsheet shows:

  • School level allocations for mainstream schools, including the pupil numbers used to generate the total allocation for each school
  • Local authority level allocations for specialist provision, which they must distribute between all providers. This shows each institution in the local authority, and the number of places used to calculate the overall allocation. 


How will you receive your funding?

Mainstream academies will receive their grant directly from the education and skills funding agency (ESFA). Mainstream maintained schools will receive their funding via their local authority. Non-maintained special schools will receive their grant directly from the ESFA in line with their usual funding process.

The education and skills funding agency (ESFA) will pay the TPG funds to local authorities on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education on 31 October 2018.

The conditions of funding make it clear that local authorities must pay the allocations directly to their maintained nursery schools, maintained primary and secondary schools, all through maintained schools and 16-19 maintained schools, regardless of any deficit relating to the expenditure of the school’s budget share.


Allocation and payment to high needs settings

Each local authority has been allocated an amount, as set out in the TPG allocation table, which must be distributed in full across their high needs settings. Local authorities will determine how much to distribute to each of their high needs settings, after consultation with them.


Permitted use of TPG funds

Local authorities will be required to ensure that their maintained schools and high needs settings only spend TPG funds:

  • for the purposes of the school or high needs setting; or
  • for the benefit of pupils registered at other maintained schools, pupil referral units or hospital schools. 

TPG funds do not have to be spent by maintained schools, academies, pupil referral units or hospital schools, in the financial year beginning 1 April 2018. Maintained schools, academies, pupil referral units and hospital schools may carry some or all TPG funds forward to future financial years.

You can access the allocations document, additional information and conditions of funding here. The underlying methodology for the grant for 2018/19 and 2019/2020 can be accessed here.


What advice has NAHT issued to members?

Following the DfE's confirmation of the pay award, we have once again agreed on joint union pay scales and provided guidance for members (available from this page on our website). The Secretary of State's announcement has created a legitimate expectation that teachers and school leaders will receive the full uplift where relevant, and we will urge governing boards to ensure that the pay uplift is applied to all staff at all pay points.


So, has NAHT 'accepted' the pay award and associated funding?

No. We have communicated clearly to the government our members' anger and disappointment. We're using every available opportunity to continue to press for a real-terms, fully-funded, restorative pay rise for school leaders. We are fully engaged in joint union campaigning strategies that press the government to accept in full the recommendations of the STRB. We also continue to bring pressure to bear on the DfE through other related policy strands, including as part of our funding campaign. You can find out further information on all of NAHT’s campaigning here.  


Tell us what the pay grant means for your school

The pay grant methodology means that some schools will win, while others will lose. Does the pay grant cover the cost of the pay award in your school? How does this affect your overall budget? Please do drop us a line or two at to tell us how your school is affected – we’ll use your lines in our ongoing campaign to press the case further. 

First published 01 November 2018