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Reminder: you need to report gender pay gap figures by 30 March 2018

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It is now a legal requirement for all organisations with 250 or more employees to publish specific figures about their gender pay data. 

The regulations are a key step to address the gender pay gap and ensure that schools set a strong example for young people that their gender will not hold them back in their future careers. 

Where and when do figures need to be reported? 

The gender pay gap figures need to be reported by 30 March 2018 in two places:

  1. The government’s online reporting service
  2. Your school's website. 

Who is responsible for reporting? 

Responsibility differs by school type:

  • Maintained schools – the governing body is responsible for reporting. You will not be included in your local authority’s gender pay gap report
  • Academies and free schools - the academy trust is responsible for reporting. For multi-academy trusts, the report should cover all staff employed by the trust. 

What you need to do next 

  • Nominate a specific person in your school or academy trust (eg the head of HR or your school business leader). This person will be responsible for your gender pay gap reporting and will need to carry out the three further steps below.
  • Register your organisation on the government’s online reporting service
    • If you have received a letter from the government's equalities office, use the employer's reference and security codes to fast track your registration
    • If you have not received a letter, register by selecting ‘public sector’ on the registration options page
  • Prepare your gender pay gap information. Guidance is available at 
  • Think about next steps. Consider the cause of your gap and what you can do to address it. It is good practice to publish a narrative alongside your calculations to provide further background on the figures and set out what action you will take to reduce the gap.
First published 08 February 2018